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A full range of Circuit Protectors

Trust our expertise. SCHURTER has been developing and producing components for circuit protection for almost 90 years.

Safe and reliable components for Circuit Protection

Watch our SCHURTER fuse production video

Get an insight into what a state-of-the-art industrial fuse production looks like. What makes us the leading innovator and producer of fuses and other Electronic Components?

  • Our in-house engineering

  • Our in-house know-how in process engineering and automation

  • Our new UMT 250 fuse production technologies

  • Our IATF 16949 certification

  • Our stringent quality control and continuous improvements


New: FRM-A and DRM-A for demanding requirements

Very small, light and robust: These are increasingly important requirements of the Avionics
industry for the components of their suppliers. SCHURTER addresses this need with the FRM-A and DRM-A fuse holder/fuse combination.

An optimised unit for demanding requirements:

  • Designed and optimised for Avionics applications

  • FRM-A: Ultra-compact, light and made for
    harsh environmental conditions

  • DRM-A: Whisker-free ceramic fuse with fast
    tripping characteristics

Datasheet FRM-A

Datasheet DRM-A

Thermal Protection

Electrical and electronic equipment can not always count on constant voltage, constant current or constant working temperatures. Various influences lead to fluctuations, which must be secured by suitable means.

Fuse Holders

We offer the world's broadest range of open and closed fuse holders.

Our fuse holders are also offered in the form of fuse drawers, which guarantee a safe and simple power supply to the devices in combination elements with IEC 60320 device connectors.

Chip Fuses

Our portfolio contains a wide range of high-quality chip fuses. These have been specially developed for precise and low-loss overcurrent protection in secondary circuits. Six different types in chip sizes from 0402 to 1206 guarantee compact and effective protection in the event of a fault.

SMD Fuses

We offer a wide range of solutions for primary and secondary protection directly on the circuit board. The fuses UMT-H, UMF 250, and UMT 250 offer compact as well as precise solutions, which furthermore are pulse resistant. The range is complemented with the two types UMZ 250 and UMK 250, with preassembled clips and fuse links.

Our digital product catalog for Circuit Protection


The fuses and fuse-links from SCHURTER provide low voltage primary and secondary protection. Devices meet applicable international safety standards.

Resettable fuses

Resettable fuses from SCHURTER are designed for protection of low voltage DC circuits. Resettable fuses limit fault current to acceptable levels while a fault is present.


The SMD Thermal fuses from SCHURTER are particularly suitable for protecting power semiconductors in electronic circuits.


Fuseholders from SCHURTER include types for holding cartridge fuses and types for sub-miniature and miniature fuses.

Fuse blocks & clips

Fuseholders and Clips from SCHURTER include devices for holding cartridge fuses and types for sub-miniature and miniature fuses.

Circuit protection accessories

The suitable accessories to the SCHURTER Circuit Protection products.

Thermal circuit breakers

Thermal circuit breakers form SCHURTER are designed for use in electrical and electronic equipment. They meet international safety standards. One-, two-, and three-pole types are available with different actuation and mounting styles.

Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers

Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers from SCHURTER are designed for use in electrical and electronic equipment. They meet international safety standards. One-, two, three- and four-pole types are available with lever actuation for different mounting styles.

Circuit breakers accessories

The suitable accessories to the SCHURTER circuit breaker products.

Voltage selectors

The voltage selector switches of SCHURTER are designed for international markets. Series-parallel and step-switch types are available in various styles and sizes and mounting.
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