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The new compact appliance inlet filter series 5124

For applications that require particularly high interference immunity, SCHURTER is launching the new high-performance filters of the 5124 series. With identical dimensions to the proven 5120 and 5123 series, both symmetrical and asymmetrical interference signals can be attenuated even better with the 5124 series, thanks to the use of high-performance components.

The 5124 series combines an IEC C14 appliance inlet with a high-performance mains filter. Thanks to a wide metal flange, the housing makes contact over a large area, which guarantees an optimal filter and shielding effect.

High-performance filter

The exclusive chokes with high-permeable toroidal cores of the 5124 series have an inductance that is many times higher than that of the standard 5120 series. This results in an attenuation of asymmetrical interference signals that is around 10 dB higher. Massively enlarged X-capacitors help against symmetrical interference. Despite significantly larger components, the dimensions of the 5124 predecessor’s series have been retained.

Identical dimensions
The 5124 series is available in standard or medical versions. It makes sense to use it where a
particularly high attenuation is necessary and the filter effect of a 5120 or even 5123 series is no longer sufficient. Thanks to identical dimensions, the optimal series can be selected - depending on the interference level - without any design changes. The appliance filters are, of course, equipped with the well-proven V-Lock cord retention system.

Performance and approvals
The 5124 series is certified for currents up to 10 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC. It features ENEC, CQC as well as cURus approvals.

IEC C14 appliance inlet with high-performance filter
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