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SCHURTER Electronics (China) with new domicile

What do you do when the existing industrial park in which your own factory is located suddenly has to make way for state housing construction? And immediately. A short story from the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region.

Aaron Zhang, Managing Director of SCHURTER Electronics (China) Ltd. was faced with exactly this problem in April this year. His factory in GuangMing (Shenzhen) had to move. As quickly as possible.

40 objects inspected

Aaron Zhang immediately set out to find a new suitable location. He visited more than 40 properties within a very short time. After about 2.5 months, the time had come. In BaoAn, the westernmost district of the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region in Guangdong Province, he found what he was looking for: two floors in a modern industrial park with a total of 5,538 m2. It was a perfect fit! Just a few days later, the rental contract was signed.

Layout and labelling

SCHURTER Electronics (China) produces input systems with resistive and PCAP touch technology, as well as EMC filters. A well-considered layout of such a production facility has an enormous influence on the process and ultimately the product quality. Efficient room layout and placement of the individual production lines were sketched out with thought and care. The same applied to the labelling, lighting both inside and out.

After 2 weeks

By the end of September, all the preliminary work had been done. Aaron Zhang and his staff were able to start the move. It took less than two weeks until production could be resumed at the new location on 8 October 2021. All employees worked hard during the entire factory move, even working overtime on holidays. A Herculean achievement! Made in China.

The SCHURTER Electronics (China) Ltd. employees.
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