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SCHURTER is launching a new choke family for energy applications with particularly high power on the PCB. The DKUH-1 current-compensated chokes are designed for currents of up to 100 A and a rated voltage of up to 800 VDC.

The ever more compact design does not stop at particularly powerful applications in the energy sector. What used to be freely wired as a matter of course is now also included on the circuit board. This high-density design combined with optimized energy efficiency leads to an increase in electromagnetic interference in modern electronic devices. This requires correspondingly powerful filter elements.

DKUH-1 = very high performance
Thanks to the bifilar winding and nanocrystalline cores in the DKUH-1 chokes, enormously high currents are possible with still compact dimensions. The chokes can be mounted directly on the PCB and soldered in a wave bath. The open design enables optimum cooling, both passive and active. This makes the members of the DKUH-1 family ideal for high power ratings in the energy range with voltages of up to 800 VDC.

The new high-current chokes are ideal for energy applications such as EV fast-charging stations, battery storage, photovoltaics or energy converters. However, the new chokes are also an excellent solution for many high-power industrial applications. Inquiries for customized versions are welcome.

DKUH-1: Current Compensated High-Current Choke for PCBs
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