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Agriculture and Foresting

Agriculture and Foresting

Agriculture and Foresting

The applications in Agriculture & Foresting require special characteristics in regard to its control panels. The input systems must withstand extreme external influences and fulfil numerous ergonomic and functional requirements.

The input systems of SCHURTER meet these specific requirements. For instance resistance to all kinds of weather influences, operability with gloves and functional safety under strong vibrations.

Many foresting machines and combine-harvesters are already equipped with SCHURTER touch solutions.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, SCHURTER designs and manufactures customized touch solutions that fit this high demanding market perfectly. Among many other requirements, our solutions are:

   • Robust

   • Scratch resistant

   • Operable with gloves

   • Water resistant

   • Resistant to shocks and vibration

   • Resistant to dirt and dust

   • Readable in outdoor environments

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